Flights and Points | Thai Airways to replace aging Boeing aircraft on its red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok
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Thai Airways to replace aging Boeing aircraft on its red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok

Thai Airways to replace aging Boeing aircraft on its red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok

Friday was a good day for Dutch airplane manufacturer Airbus, as it delivered the first of a score of planes to Thai Airways, the first of which is set to take over a high-profile air route: a red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok.

Airbus A350 to fly red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok

A red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok can be spent sleeping, watching movies, or both: it's all up to you!

Formerly a route handled by the Boeing 777, the red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok (flight TG917) will be taken over by an Airbus A350, effective September 18th.

This change means both daily flights leaving Heathrow Airport are now Airbuses; the flight leaving around lunch time is an A380 super jumbo jet, which is capable of carrying 507 passengers; 435 in coach, 60 in business, and a dozen in first class.

The Airbus A350 is capable of carrying 321 passengers; 289 in coach and 32 in business class.

Thai’s new A350 comes with a bevy of attractive features

The new craft is said to be equipped with a number of features designed to enhance the comfort of passengers, including 18 inches of width in economy, wi-fi throughout the plane, and business class seats which are capable of lying fully flat – the last of which will certainly come in handy on a red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok.

In addition to these features, they will also continue to offer the extra spacious overhead compartments, top of the line entertainment system, and the Thai design that loyal customers have come to expect and appreciate from this airline over the years.

Thai Airways executives in the United Kingdom are pleased with the improvements the new A350 is set to bring, as the addition of these planes to the rotation will give the carrier the ability to further improve their customer experience.

General manager for Thai Airways in the UK and Ireland Nonthakorn Trakulpa praised the delivery of their brand new jetliner, saying its improved air flow, temperature control, reduced air pressure, and improved sound proofing means “…passengers will be kept as comfortable as possible during their flight.”

She went on to mention additional features, saying the new A350’s computer managed ambient lighting, windows which enable panoramic views, and the added room in the cabin would enable Thai to remain “…totally to its reputation for providing premiere customer service in the skies.”

A350 roll out to continue over the rest of 2017

By taking a red eye from Heathrow to Bangkok, you will be one sleep away from sights like this

The addition of this A350 is only the beginning of its deployment throughout the fleet of Thai Airways, as seven more aircraft are due to arrive fresh off the manufacturing line by the end of next month.

To which routes they will be deployed remains to be seen, but with a continued effort to modernize their planes underway, Thai Airways appears to be making the moves they’ll need to make if they want to stay relevant in the ultra-competitive Asian skies.

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