Flights and Points | The Best Airline Lounges in the United States
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The Best Airline Lounges in the United States

best airline lounges in the united states

The Best Airline Lounges in the United States

With no shortage of business and pleasure travelers moving into, out, and across the country on a daily basis, it is no secret that Americans love to fly. However, long check in and security lines and the general harried nature of airports can wear on even the most stoic individual over time.

Airport lounges provide a haven from this chaos, even if they only offer a meager buffet and free wi-fi. You deserve better than this, though, as there are operations that go the extra mile for their customers rather than providing the minimum.

In this article, we’ll profile several lounges across the USA that are worthy of being considered the best in the country.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, JFK Airport, New York City

While this may come as a shock to some, Virgin Atlantic operates one of the best airline lounges in America.  They also have a pair of outstanding lounges on the west coast, However, the Virgin Clubhouse at JFK is unquestionably their finest product.

best airline lounges in the United States

Adorned with a fun décor that is in line with Virgin’s reputation for sexiness, this relaxing abode boasts a spa, a cocktail bar, pool table, ultra-hip seating options, and much more. Hungry? Their meal options are inventive by international standards, ranging from vegetarian-friendly dim sum to chicken tikka masala – just be sure to leave room for lunch on the plane!

United Polaris Lounge, O’Hare Airport, Chicago

The Best Airline Lounges in the United States

For a long time, lounges away from the coasts had been neglected, lending a degree of truth to the bad reputation airline lounges have had for years. This has begun to change recently, though, as domestic carriers have begun to invest the money required to bring their lounge systems into the 21st century.

United has led the charge, launching Polaris lounges in major cities across the country. If you have a choice in which one to patronize, however, we recommend popping by their flagship location in Chicago. A highly stylized place staffed by friendly personnel, it features seats with privacy cocoons, excellent views of the tarmac, private sleep and shower rooms, and an inspired selection of food and drink.

Amex Centurion Lounge, McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

Amex Centurion Lounge, McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

With all the money flying around Vegas, you’d think the lounges there would be equally decadent. Thankfully, the opening of the Amex Centurion Lounge at McCarran Airport has finally begun to reflect the spendthrift attitude of this town. Within its walls, the din of the airport quickly fades away, and you are left with a space that features plenty of nooks where you can get some badly needed rest.

When the time comes to enjoy lounge amenities, you’ll be pleased to find a TV viewing area, a buffet and bar well-stocked with food and drink, and a family room that will keep your kids busy until it is time to board your flight.


Star Alliance Lounge, Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles

the best airline lounges in the United States

Traveling to an Asia Pacific country by way of LAX? If you are a Star Alliance member, you’ll have access to one of the most spectacular lounges on the west coast, if not the entire country. From a modernist fire pit to an outdoor balcony that affords magnificent views of the tarmac, it has enough signature features that it could be considered to be a stand out lounge even if ranked as mediocre in other categories.

However, the people behind this lounge are committed to offering a top-rate product, and it shows in this lounge’s food offerings, bar, modern décor, and shower facilities.

If you qualify to enter this lounge, don’t miss out on spending time here.

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