Flights and Points | The Best Airline Amenity Kits in 2017
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The Best Airline Amenity Kits in 2017

The Best Airline Amenity Kits in 2017

While they may not be the sole determinant why someone would choose to fly a particular airline, there is no denying that amenity kits are some of the more eagerly anticipated aspects of flying business or first class.

From top of the line cosmetics to stylish PJ’s, there are a wide range of goodies you’ll get once you unzip the fashionable bag given to you by your flight attendant.

Want to get your hands on some of the coolest kits available in 2017? In this article, we’ll run down airlines who are leading the way with some of the best amenities in the business.



Given their dedication to excellence, it should come as no surprise that Emirates provides its first class passengers with what many consider to be the best airline amenity kits in the world. While their stylish leather kit bags are stuffed with products by exclusive brands such as Bulgari, the show stealer is sleep wear that manages to keep the skin of its wearer moist and soft.

Coming with a pair of matching slippers and a sleep mask, innovations like this is just another reason why Emirates continues to be ranked among the top airlines in the world.


Qatar Airways

Competition is fierce in the Middle East, with several other carriers jockeying with Emirates for a share of the air traffic that passes through the region.

Qatar Airways is one of them, as it has elevated its game over the years to provide its first class passengers with a world-class in-flight experience. If you book a seat at the front of the plane with Qatar Airways, the amenity kit they provide will be among the top highlights, as it comes in a stunning white leather bag with tan trim. Created by Indian luxury designers Nappa Dori, the bag itself is an accessory you’ll proudly use long after you have stepped off the plane. Open it up and you’ll find a variety of skincare products from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, as well as comfortable cotton sleepwear that will help you drift off to sleep with ease.


Air France

Flying to/from Europe? If you want to be treated to an amenity kit that is truly luxurious, you should strongly consider booking with Air France. Since February 2017, Air France amenity kits in first class have included La Carita face and hand cream, an anti-wrinkle solution for the eyes, and even a coupon offering a hair styling session in one of their salons upon arrival. The basics aren’t missing either, as you will also find essentials like ear plugs, a comb, and a pen, which will come in handy when the time comes to fill in your arrival card.


American Airlines

USA-bound travelers looking to snag a posh amenity kit should book a first class fare with American Airlines. A smart pouch designed by Cole Haan, they come with cosmetic products produced by the same label as well as Clark’s Botanicals hand cream and lip balm. You’ll also get a pair of pajamas that are so fashion forward, you may choose to use as lounge wear once you get home, so don’t lose them.

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